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Food Menu


New Menu as of 28th  July 2015  

RMB BIG BREAKFAST Two free range eggs cooked the way you choose, bacon, grilled tomato, mushrooms, hash brown, sausages & spinach on sourdough toast

SPANISH EGGS Two free range eggs baked with chorizo, Spanish onion, beans, fresh tomato & a hint of Napoli served with Turkish bread

EGGS BENEDICT Two poached eggs, double smoked ham on an English muffin topped with Hollandaise

B.E.L.T Bacon, egg, lettuce & tomato sandwich on sourdough

OMELETTE Chorizo, onion, roast capsicum, spinach & tasty cheese served with sourdough

SMOKED SALMON Smoked salmon & poached eggs served on Zucchini fritter with spinach, tomato salsa, avocado puree    (G)

RMB PANCAKE Your choice of:

MIX BERRIES served with vanilla ice-cream and maple syrup (V)

BACON & EGG  served with  maple syrup

FRENCH TOAST with crispy bacon, caramelized banana & maple syrup

BIRCHER MUESLI Rolled oats soaked in orange & apple juice, Honey yogurt with coconut, sultanas & nuts topped with mixed berry compote (V)

TOAST Sourdough, Multi grain, and Turkish

FREE RANGE EGGS Poached, Fried or Scrambled served on your choice of toast

Add EXTRA Mushrooms, spinach, tomato, hash brown, hollandaise, bacon, beef chipolata sausages, avocado, smoked salmon

***(G) Gluten Free (V) Vegetarian


BREAD Garlic or zaatar  (V)

TRIO OF DIPS Homemade dips served with warm bread (V)

BRUSCHETTA Diced tomatoes, Spanish onions, basil & fetta  (V)

SALT & PEPPER CALAMARI lightly dusted in flour & seasoning served with mixed lettuce, lemon & tartare


ARRANCINI three cheese, Arborio rice, Napoli with rocket and parmesan salad

NACHOS corn chips with tomato salsa, jalapeno, mix beans, sour cream, and guacamole

***(G) Gluten Free (V) Vegetarian



CAESAR SALAD Cos lettuce, crispy bacon, anchovies, garlic croutons in a mild anchovy dressing topped with a poached egg & shaved parmesan WITH CHICKEN

GREEK SALAD Cos lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, fetta & Spanish onion with lemon oregano & olive oil dressing (G) (V)


SMOKED SALMON SALAD Smoked salmon with mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado, almonds, capers, fresh herbs & lime vinaigrette (G)

PEAR & GOAT’S CHEESE SALAD Pear & pinenut salad with mixed greens, goat’s cheese, capsicum salsa, hint of cinnamon & crushed grissini sticks with a red wine vinaigrette  (V)

SEAFOOD SALAD Tiger prawns, calamari & fish with mixed lettuce, rice noodles, avocado, cherry tomatoes, crispy shallots, orange & fresh mint with lime & chilli dressing  (G)

***(G) Gluten Free (V) Vegetarian


Wraps & Panini

Add Chips or Add salad

No.1 Chicken, tomato, avocado, tasty cheese & aioli

No.2 Hungarian salami, olive tapenade, roast capsicum, Spanish onion & tasty cheese

No.3 Grilled eggplant, tomato salsa, roquette, zucchini & minted yoghurt (V)

No.4 Double smoked ham, tomato, avocado & tasty cheese

FALAFEL WRAP Falafel, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & hommus  (V)

***(G) Gluten Free (V) Vegetarian


Pasta & Risottos

GNOCCHI Potato gnocchi with slow cooked lamb ragout

SPAGHETTI MEAT BALLS Spaghetti bolognaise served with Shaved parmesan

SEAFOOD LINGUINI Prawns, fresh scallops, calamari & fresh fish tossed in lemon & virgin olive oil with chilli, tomatoes, garlic & parsley

CHICKEN FETTUCCINE Chicken breast, sun-dried tomato pesto & parsley with Napoli & a touch of cream

JAMBALAYA Cajun spiced chicken, tiger prawns, calamari, Fresh fish, roasted capsicum & cherry tomatoes cooked with Arborio rice in a white wine saffron stock with a touch of Napoli

CHICKEN & MUSHROOM RISOTTO Arborio rice cooked with chicken, mushroom, porcini mushroom stock, spinach, parmesan  (G)

***(G) Gluten Free (V) Vegetarian




RMB BURGER chargrilled wagyu beef, lettuce, tomato bacon & tasty cheese, smoked aioli served with chips

EYE FILLET 220g Eye fillet chargrilled with slow cooked mushroom ragout & crispy chat potato

STEAK SANDWICH Chargrilled eye fillet with bacon, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onions & aioli served with chips

FISH & CHIPS beer batter fish fillets served with a garden salad, chips & tartare

FRESH ATLANTIC SALMON Pan-seared with sweet potato mash, spinach & basil pesto (G)

GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST Chef special marinated chicken breast served on quinoa, cherry tomatoes, seasonal greens and rocket (G)

RMB CHICKEN PARMA Chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese & Napoli sauce served with a caesar salad & chips

MOROCCAN LAMB Chargrilled Moroccan lamb fillets served on couscous mixed with lemon, olive, potato & tomato salsa with a side of mint yoghurt

VEAL SCALLOPINE Served on Tuscan mash & spinach with a white wine & mushroom sauce

ROAST VEGETABLE STACK Layered stack of roasted eggplant, pumpkin, fetta, tomato, pesto, capsicum & zucchini served with rocket (V) (G)

***(G) Gluten Free (V) Vegetarian




Garden salad

Rocket, walnut & parmesan salad

Steamed vegetables




Kid’s meal


Egg & bacon on sourdough

Pancakes served with jam & ice cream



Fish & Chips

Chicken & chips

Mini beef burger

Spaghetti Napoli or Bolognaise



MEAT BALLS with Napoli and pesto

SALT PEPPER CALAMARI with rocket, walnut and aioli

SLIDERS beef, chicken and falafel three type with slow

GRILLED SALMON with lemon butter sauce

FRIED GNOCCHI sage n butter Fried with goat cheese

SPICY PRAWNS sweet soy smoked paprika and lemon marinated with rocket

CHICKEN & LAMB SKEWERS with red pesto and minted yoghurt

ANTIPASTO mix meat, grilled vegetable, fetta and dips with Turkish bread


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